BP Crom Coins disappeared into Sunken City?

Greetings Exiles! :smiling_face:

I have been playing this Game for a year now, completed 2(?) Battle Pass so far.

Now here comes my question:

Within each BP you could earn a certain amount of Cc (Crom Coins).
After finishing the first one I was wondering What the CC means anyways, for I never got any (out of the BP) added to my wallet. I did not pay too much attention, simply for I thought “earning CC during BP will be rewarded after the BP has ended.” :hugs:
Nothing happened though, so I shrugged it off & moved on.

But with the current BP, I took the chance and asked my fellow Co-Exiles (3 in all) about their experience. And Boy, was I surprised when they told me that they got EVERY single CC out of the BP added to their wallet! :roll_eyes:
Honestly, not sure why I even start this Thread, for nothing(!) will come out of it but cheap excuses. :smirk:
So, shrug once again, swallow and move on. Least I could point out on my issue and ask you all, about your specific experiences with this.
@Funcom, I am a Realist and don’t expect and refunds, but cardboard-excuses, so don’t bother with my issue - my time (and serenity) is just not worth some wishy-washy excuses - unless I am not the only one.
Now time to pass the Ball to the forum! :wink:



If you have a doubt about the amount of Crom Coins received from your completed Battle Pass, you can write to Funcom, they keep trace of your transactions and balance of Crom Coins.

They helped me a long time ago when I believed I had not received one of the unlocked Crom Coins showcased in the Battle Pass. Their answer about your transactions is very detailed, and very helpful. I received their answer in my private mail box, I believe it will be the same for you if you reach to them. It is worth a try.

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He y thank you fellow Exile! :upside_down_face:
I’ll give it a try this weekend then, and report to you (within this Thread) so it can be closed, assuming the solution happens so quickly, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do not know how long it can take to solve your issue, but in my case they answered the day after.
Since I thought it would take longer, I did not check my emails right away, and read about it four days later. Since they had clarified my account details, I typed a few lines to thank them and thought it would be it.
But again, they replied to me the day after (even if they did not have to at this point), to wish me well.
I do not know how your exchange with them will be, but mine was very human and professional. I hope you get helped the same way.


After completing a battleplass, you should have the 1200 Crom Coins back in your wallet, the exact same amount you paid for it.

If that didn’t work, contact customer service. That’s a valid issue they should be able and willing to fix.

Cannot fathom how that might have not worked. First report in the forum I remember. I hope it gets fixed - you got robbed, fellow Conanian!


Just to check - since a previous user asked this question, but turned out not to have purchesed the BP - have you purchased the battlepass and then not received the Crom Coins back? Or have you completed only the free track? If you complete the pass for free (you can purchase at any time even after you have completed it) you do not receive any crom coins, since they are not free items. If you have purchased the battlepass you should receive back exactly the amount that you paid for it (1200) - in which case you will need to contact customer services as suggested by others.


And there is the answer, thank you Dan Quixote, no, I did the free thing, so no need in chasing this case any further.
Oh and, greetings to Sancho Puncha, haha. :wink: