Bring back dedicated sheathe/unsheathe button

Hey fun on, firstly tha is for setting up a forum so we can directly relay bugs,issues, and ideas about exiles. I’m really enjoying the new combat system however can we bring back the dedicated sheathe/unsheathe button I believe it was the Y button (on consoles) and uncertain which key did it on PC.

If I am following you correctly, I believe it still exists.

 Settings > Keybindings > Combat: Wield/Unwield. 

I am on PC and have mine set to the [X] key and do not recall which key was default (or if that is the actual default).

X is the default.

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Yep, it’s x. :slight_smile:

On PC yes. On console it used to be the Y button but now you have to bring up the radial wheel and equip or unequip your main and offhand weapon individually every time.

Check your keybindings I am almost most likely to be certain kinda sort of… that what you looking for is there.