Keybinding freedom

Hey Devs? Please let us rebind all applicable keys. I always remap the WASD keys to ESDF, because it gives me access to more buttons (shifting my hand to the right). However, you’ve bound “loot all” for my all my crafting tables also to the F key…which you won’t let me rebind.

All I have to do is walk past one of my crafting tables, and suddenly I am encumbered, because I’ve unintentionally grabbed all the stuff in my blacksmith table.

Seriously, this isn’t a hard fix.

If you’re willing to edit your Input.ini you can fix it yourself and avoid the pains until you can remap ingame.

~~\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Input.ini


And I guess then next patch or integrity check ruins it for you like in many games. :smiley:
So I think it should be core feature at minimum to allow us to totally remap everything in the setup menu.

Haha :D, was my first concern and I was ready to write a patch program to keep my config updated. To my surprise the config is pretty robust. I’ve never lost a single customization after a patch or config change via the in-game menu.

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