Can we please be able to remap ALL the keys

Not sure who thought the “F” key was a good loot all key but I use that for forward movement. So needless to say I’m always picking up things just trying to run by crafting stations by accident. So can we PLEASE get the ability to remap this key to something else. I think its the only thing you can not remap in the game.

While your cause is a noble one, the cost for FunCom to do this would be a lot more then the cost for you to purchase a fully programmable keyboard that meets your unique configuration needs. Alternatively you can try using AutoKey.

I highly doubt it.

Before the game went live, we didn’t have the ability to quickly loot until they added this “feature” and I highly doubt it would take a programmer any length of time to add the “loot all” to be rebind able :slight_smile:

Your quest is complete

Ok I found it.

For those that are still wondering if you can re bind the Loot All to something else you can:

located in STEAM\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

There is a file called input.ini

Scroll down till you see:

Just change the Key=F to whatever you want. I changed mine to W

So they have the ability to change it, just not while in game. I would say its a bug not being able to change it while in game. So my fist post still stands :stuck_out_tongue: they need to fix it so it can be rebinded while IN GAME :slight_smile: