PC: The 'Loot all'-function (F-button) is extremely problematic because it's fixed on F


Platform: PC
Game mode: Official/Private (All)
Version: 94750/17645
Problem: Misc

Please make it possible to change the keybindings so that the F-key don’t ‘loot all’. I use the keyboard like it’s supposed to and designed for (left fingers resting on A,S,D and F), but when I setup keybindings for that, I automatically loot whatever I stand next to in game when I move right… Even when using the default A,W,S,D keys It’s way too easy to accidentally loot all next to you if accidentally pressing the F key.

I hope you can fix this ASAP.


The loot all feature is a great feature, but not being able to assign it to a different key is causing problems with using the F key for other commans.

There also seems to be a problem assigning the B key as it seems to be locked to show users online.

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Other Problem with “Loot All” is when your Bags are Full, yes there is a Limit, the Items disapear in your Bag!

The limit is 200 slots.

I assigned F to block/offhand and accidentally loot bodies during combat. It’s kind of funny when I’m looting corpses and I kick them by mistake since it’s the same button.

The tab key is annoying too. I like using it to open/close my inventory. But in this game if I assign it to inventory, it starts tabbing through the different windows when I use it to try to close the inventory. There’s no way to change that either.

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I too use the ASDF keys (A back) (S left)(D right)(F forward) it feels more natural than the WASD keys which all it does is mimic the Arrow Key set up which for the life of me I never understood why WASD key because the “standard” I’ve been using this since the 90s. Even in DOOM I had this set up (ASDF) but for some strange reason people just loved the WASD set up.

ASDF for life!!

Now as far as the F key being default for LOOT All, it SUCKS. All Keys should be able to be remapped. Come on Funcom this is 2018.

I will have to stop playing till it gets fixed due to just moving by a stupid container of any type I loot ever thing. Gets old fast.

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