Bring back more players for AO!

Kinda hard find parties for lower levels such as 80-130+ where people using Multi Boxing to archive that and kinda ruins the game for those can’t afford 6 accounts including myself only 2 ;( can you please do something about this ??? really find it boring soloing when i want to make friends and level up with them to 200+

I agree that finding teams at these levels can be difficult, but I don’t actually think it’s that simple a problem to solve. Why? For experienced players leveling in AO has become really easy and quick, even without multiboxing. These players will only stop at certain levels for specific reasons, like unique drops in locked dungeons, or particularly active BattleStation ranges, and then race up to 200+. However a new player has to stop regularly, either because they’re not sure of the optimal way to level at that range or to grind creds to fund new equipment.

Even then, while a new player can’t keep up on their first toon, by the time they’re making later toons they’ve either got an org of experienced players to help, a means to bankroll themselves or have learnt a lot of the tricks themselves, so fly past the true newbies.

So, a drive for new players doesn’t provide a long term solution to this problem. The RK2019 server managed it for a while, by capping players level regularly, so the slower levellers could keep up and always have someone to team with, but that didn’t last into the later levels and doesn’t help anyone starting now. Those starting new don’t all begin at once, so are spread out over 200+ levels.

Other MMOs address this issue by having a mechanism to adjust player power, so that higher toons can team with lowbies in their zones without completely dominating the mobs, but I’m not sure if such a mechanism would be compatible with AO’s skill system.

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FC’s lack of following what they promised.
They marketed it as updated content with progression based on player input.

We did not get any of this.
People have been using weapons from The reck from tl3 to TL7 cause that is legacy AO lol…
Now they want us to grind research after 220!?

No new inf mishes, no gmi , …

Funcom doesn’t choose if people come back or not lol. All they can do is make better decisions to attract players to come back, but they’re not very good at that.


Me and my wife played AO, and were really happy for the new server.
We only found out when SL was out. Started playing dinged 200 (that was the cap) then 205-210 but even with all the hype for the new server. And all the great times, we still quit because of MB.
We did try to get each 1 extra account so we would alt tab and have 2 toons each (we don’t wanna MB since a MMORPG should be 1 toon…, wan’t to abuse a third party program? That is cheating in my book). But that lead to no real fun.
You cant really click with your toon when you abuse 5 toons in the background for auras buffs etc…that is plain stupid.
So we quit due to MB…
New server became almost the same s*** as old server. Where you either buy credits and buy lr from MB, or pay 6 accounts and MB yourself.

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Yeah it’s a shame