Broken merge data table crashed multi map server clusters and other issues

Game mode: *[ Online private]

You broke the MapDataTable merge with this release and our perfectly running Servercluster with the 4 big maps (modded and vanilla) can not be joined by our players anymore after this update. Please bring up a hotfix for the Map Data table issue as soon as possible.
Type of issue: *[Crash]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ EU ]
Mods?: [ Are mods installed: Yes]

So I will summon the issues with this update I noticed throughout the multiple Discords and Forums for CE I am on

The multiple problems are

  1. Devkit issue → modders cannot update
  2. Merge Datatable issue → Mapmods are not working properly
  3. Graphics card issue → leads to fatal error

to the joining issue
I have players who can join and others who cannot join, no matter which server and no matter which map,
thus a mod problem is excluded / the joining issue is combined with a fatal error client crash for the players which failed to join (all have updated RTX or GTX graphic cards)

Hopefully you will fix this before you will release Siptah



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