Broken Orb of Nergal

Game mode: [ Online private]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ UK/Europe ]
Hardware: [ Xbox Series S ]

Bug Description:

  • Orb of Nergal puts up the menu when interacted with, couldn’t select options, couldn’t interact and couldn’t quit out of the menu. Had to quit from Xbox side menu. Reproducible. *

Expected Behavior:

*A functional menu when pressing x. *

***Processing: IMG_20210909_225346.jpg…

Steps to Reproduce:

*Press x to activate Orb of Nergal. Enjoy bug.

(Would upload picture of exact menu, but apparently new users cannot do this. :woman_shrugging:)*

Hey @Dakiara

We’re aware of this issue as it’s been reported recently. We’re looking to fix this issue for a future patch.


Thanks, good to know. :relaxed:

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For future patch you mean 2.5.2?

Worst part is, to me, the orb is the only way to access the new hairstyles and beards (at least on ps4)


Honestly, it’s kind of disheartening that the bug which allowed player to loot skull chests, it’s already fixed but the Orb it’s not. It may seems that it’s not that important, but for some players, including myself, it’s kind of a dealbreaker. Even more if you’re stuck with something you don’t like.


Edit: The chest bug actually still persists, but I still wish they hotfix the Orb. The BIG RP community that the game has, would be really grateful.

oh cool thank you. we can’t keep playing and have to create new characters. because when we start the game again, all our characters are in the Orb of Nergal menu and stuck.

that hurts. because we have really great fortresses and already built whole cities.
But Awsome AWSOME freaking cool Game. Love it.

And now it’s a fact the chests fix, yet no Orb of Nergal one. I really hope they’re not underestimating the impact it has in some players. That and the whitening screen bug, they should make them priorities, both pretty harmful for the enjoyment of the game. Not preventing the easy gathering of a resources that’s it’s already pretty easy for most to get a lot. Sad waiting again.


When you reboot the game, you’re actually free from the bench, still pretty sad, but hey if it helps at least you’re not actually stuck.

Its the same way on xbox


I would imagine so, this being an xbox thread :wink:

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we’ve already tried. but it didn’t work.
But not so bad. Everyone helps together and we’re building even cooler stuff this time.

Thx buy the Way

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There an ETA on a fix for this?


Chest bug was fixed per my gameplay. Went in to try and no longer can loot like before.

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They shouldn’t nerf stuff on us when they broke stuff in the previous update

when that happens the stuff that was messed up in the last update should take priority over these stupid nerfs

and it also looks really bad on you guys to the fan base when you nerf a bunch of stuff in an update after an update that just broke a ton of stuff…and you didn’t fix a single broken thing from the previous one

Broken orb, broken stagger resistances, broken white back ground, broken climbing, but here’s a couple nerfs guys…image


Why would they do that? Simple enough answer - they were already working on the things that came out in the hotfix, because those issues were reported earlier on PC. But they weren’t already working on fixes for the console specific problems (like white background, orb of nergal problems etc), because those console-specific problems weren’t reported until the patch came out on console so they couldn’t start working on those problems sooner. They could have held off on giving consoles any hotfix at all, by just not converting the already produced PC hotfix over to consoles - but then people would complain that they are ignoring consoles and not providing the same hotfix that PCs get. What they cannot do is produce a hotfix before the problems have been reported - they have to wait for reports, then they can start work on fixing the problems.

I’m honestly done with the “didn’t have a chance to fix it but still nerfed crap”

like i said the nerfs should not even happen if they can’t fix the prievious break in the update.

I stand by that



Update: it was already addressed the white background bug in the Tl, great! YET, no mention at all of the Orb of Nergal… :sob:

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