Broken Thralls :(

Online-PvE, NA Region

Placed Thrall (archer II) on an exterior balcony for “guard duty”. Thall stood there looking stupid in boxer stance just swaying back and forth. Thrall refused to equip its own bow …

Noticed thralls health was super low. I figured it would regen over time so I kept an eye on it.

Moved same thrall inside to be an armor mannequin since it was dumb lookin CONSTANTLY in low boxer stance. Put leg armor on, then chest and then both pieces vanished from their body and inventory slots … any further attempt to put a new piece of armor in either slot was blocked as if the slot was used, and locked. (thrall had original sandals and hand wraps untouched).

Ok, cant stand like a normal guard, can even be a friggin coak rack, can it be a mule?

Told the thrall to follow. Went out loaded myself and him up with standard wood and stone. Got back home … and the thrall clips through the floor. It uses the exterior “front porch steps” fine, but once inside the home it falls through the floor, and is unable to use interior stairs either. (all are sandstone items) “Moving” the thrall either to different spots in the home, or even outside doesnt “reset” it to the proper terrain.

So thrall inventory bugged,
thrall movement bugged (clipping),
thrall constantly thinks its in combat,
and thrall never regained health