Bubbles not lasting 36 h

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.pop bubble
2.wait for server reset or crash
3.500 zeal waisted

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I actually feel you, theres like 5 of my clan against half of the server 20+ more people that hate and gang up on us. Now it’s perfect time for them to wipe us

RIP to everyone this weekend unexpectedly wiped b/c of this bug. Many friends and foes alike have rage quit the game this weekend over this.

Just because of devs mistake. Lets fix Thralls over God bubble

Yeah, i think i may turn off Gods on my private until this is fixed.

Personally i would like to see a special arrow, kind of costly, that can damage a god and reduce the timer. Maybe a god arrow, where 2 stack dragon powder, 5 poison orb and 10 zeal gives you 10 arrows. Each arrow does - .5 seconds damage. So to get rid of a god it would take 120 arrows (24 dragon powder, 60 orbs and 120 zeal). Does not damage players or anything else, just a god.

I’ve written a eulogy of sorts for all those wiped this weekend

But in a way bubbles randomly going down have brought back a sense of uncertainty that many alpha tribes hadn’t experienced in a long time. Maybe there should be a mechanic to defeat god bubbles, but even a lot of hardcore pvpers want some sort of safe spot in their bubbles. This weekend was full of salt and tears from players who not 2 minutes before being unexpectedly wiped were nothing but smug trash talking a-holes lol.

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I agree. Some servers have Alphas with 5-10 T3 altars lit every day. I thought that there was some exploiting going on with it, so this is just validating what I thought. Because instead of 2500-5000 zeal harvesting every 2 days, they are magically doing it in 1 day now.

The main thing is they are not working as intended .

Many people had saved up zeal during the forever bubble era so popping bubbles for those people are easy till the zeal runs out . But if you catch them during raid time and the server crashes rip have good coins raidy.

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The reason behind God bubble for me it’s just I can go offline whenever I want without having fear of being offliners. What happens to the bottom is irrelevant as long as my loot is safe

That is the problem. If server goes down, your bubble goes away.

No bubble is a RIP


I will pray for all of you alpha clans to get through this rough time and not get goded tonight :ok_hand: my server has 2 new T3 shrines so I’m trippin my balls that I will get offline

thanks to this update the game is only getting worse, you have to solve the problems. but I believe that behind all this there are only incompetent people. in our server it is no longer possible to bring an altar to the last update because it disappears, the protection disappears from the altars, the bases with black ice descend with very few bombs. slaves who do not fight … I only hope that this game is abandoned by all the players. because the ruin of the game is who created it … shame

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