Budabot 4 Release


Full release notes here: http://budabot.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1413

Changes (since 3.5_GA):
-now includes DEV_MODULE which includes !cache, !cmdhandlers, !createblob, !demo, !htmldecode, !makeitem, !mdb, !msginfo, !silence, !unsilence, !timezone, and several commands for testing different things on the bot (!help DEV_MODULE to see the complete list)
-all references to gmp module have been removed, and bcmath module is now required
-updated items db to 18.08.26
-!sendtell is now included in releases, to allow for scripts to configure the bots for spam relay (ie. Lightnet)
-removed guild_admin_access_level and guild_admin_rank settings along with the corresponding functionality
-removed spam_protection
-alts_inherit_admin functionality is now always on, and removed the setting
-added chat_commands, rollable_items, special_attacks, deflect, chatfilter, spamfilter to !guides (thanks longsdale)
-removed IRC_MODULE
-fix for !aou (and !title) not working
-!notes now show all notes for all alts, and which alt they belong to
-added several default aliases that were in wide use: !i for !items, !w for !whois, and !o for !online
-removed !banorg and !unbanorg
-removed !sm
-!multiloot is now !loot addmulti
-added !poh to show loot from Pyramid of Home for the RAID_MODULE (thanks Illork)
-several items for !recipe have been added (thanks Illork)
-!items now always uses the local items database, !citems has been removed
-to add loot, now use !loot add instead of !loot
-!trickle can now take a skill as a parameter and tell how much of each ability is needed to trickle that skill one whole point
-!whatbuffs has been improved by upgrading BudabotItemsExtractor to be able to pull out the relevant info (thanks Daniel Grim) and !whatbuffs1 and !whatbuffs2 have been removed
-!online now has a new format
-improved support for AOChatProxy 2.x versions
-!whois now shows head_id, pvp_rating (legacy), and pvp_title (legacy) in ‘More Info’ link
-other various fixes and improvements to !perks, !loot, pagination, !dyna, !whereis, !recentseen, !inactivemem, !leprocs, !recipe, !dimach, !weapon, !lag, !items, and !nanoloc (thanks to everyone who reported bugs and/or submitted fixes)
-!mafist and !trickle values updated (thanks Daniel Grim and Lucier)
-API docs are now included in /docs/api
-removed extjoinpriv, extleavepriv, extkickpriv, sendguild, and sendpriv event types
-timer events have a new format: timer(time)
-added packet(id) event type and removed allpackets event type


Awesome job Tyrence.

I’ll be swapping over this week sometime.


Had to go back to 3.5 GA because the console stopped responding like one of the RC builds of 3.5.


@Kista Yeah that is a known problem with PHP after version 5.4. Running PHP as a CLI application is not the normal use case for PHP, so most other people using PHP will probably never see that issue and TBH, I don’t even know if the PHP team knows about it. If i had more time I would submit a ticket, but I have not been able to reproduce it consistently other than just waiting until it happens. There was a suggestion on the Budabot forums to run it using a terminal emulator (e.g., http://cmder.net/) as a workaround for the issue, but I have not tested that.

PHP 5.4 was released in 2012 and it reached end-of-life in 2015, which is the reason I chose to upgrade to PHP 7.