[BUG] Can’t complete Animal-related journeys

Game mode: Online official EU #1105
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe

Can’t complete journeys:

  • Obtain an animal companion
  • Obtain a mount

I have started to play a couple of months ago. At the beginning, I didn’t have it at all these two quests. Somewhere a month (or a month and half) ago, they appeared and I can’t complete these journey quests after that. I play without mods on the official server in the Lands of Exiles.

Here is step-by-step process :

  1. Place an animal in the animal enclosure (Hyena, Tiger, Bear, Boar)
  2. Place a horse in a stable
  3. Wait for the tam
  4. Place the animals
  5. Unable to unlock the journey
  6. Unable to go to step 5 of the journey

I also tried to ride the horse, to fight with assisting pets - nothing changed.
Other journeys completing as intended.

Can you help me with this issue ?

I can confirm since the new update, the 2 journey steps are working fine and you can get them by raising horse in stables and raising any pet in animal pen, then place them on ground.
I was able to get this journey step since the new update with no problem at all.
I’m playing on official server on PC.

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