Bug/ Cannot get past the screen after a difficulty is chosen - the gameplay does not start

win 10 x64
AMD A8 7600-K
8gb RAM

I played other game with high requirement run smoothly

Same problem.
No Demo
Win 10 Geforce GT 750M 8GB RAM i5-4200u

same here on a dell latitude E5530 with 16G ram
W10 64 bits

same thing

is anyone working on a fix?

same problem havent been able to play, hoped i could get a couple hours before work

Same problem in Canada. Strange to see so many people without problem ans so many with it? And still no fix for this issue? Most of the time, there are some programer freak that solve this relativly easealy… Too bad…

US user, new game just bought and started it up. Same issue.
I am curious to know what is causing this. I don’t have the most powerful of rigs by to day’s standards but I can still run many new games and high or ultra.

I have an update I’d like to add that I found don’t know if it will be useful.
if you go to load/continue menu after hitting the infinite loading new game you will find your save reading the following: LOCATION IMAGE MISSING
which makes me think this is an issue with any changes that where made to separate the demo/beta save files from the full game. Either way wanted to share.


I am also having same issue

I have i5-6300U processor, 4 GB RAM with Windows 10 Pro

Similar problem. Starting a new game, nothing happens and the game hangs on the main screen.

When you restart the game, the “continue” button appears. After pressing it, a black screen appears and also freezes.

There are also problems with the music, there is one on the logos, then only “clicks”.

Xiaomi laptop:
Windows 10 (Home)
intel i5-7200U
NVidia GF MX150

Thank you for all the reports.
Could some of you with this issue, zip up the save folder and upload or email them to us at nataschar at Funcom dot com?

Hello. When will you fix it? The pre-ordered version gives access three days earlier. Today is December 1, tomorrow I demand a refund

If you tell me which files need to be sent and where they are located, then I can send them to the right place.

files are located here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local
Folder name to be zipped - ZoneUE4

Thx! Done.

Is it possible that somehow I download a demo version? which is weird cause I’m not purchased the deluxe version(I purchased a pre-order) because when I minimize the game when its stuck on main screen, the game file name is ZoneUE4

Hello all,
I have a temporary solution for the issue. The game runs only on my laptop, but it’s a slideshow. I copied the saves from my laptop to my PC. The game loaded and I can play now. I can upload the saved for each combination of difficulty and Iron Mutant Mode, but you have to give me some time. Or maybe there is some other kind player who wants to help you.


That would be really nice of you. Thanks

i sent this my file too.

Thanks everyone! It looks like we’ve found the issue and it’s being looked into.
Hopefully we’ll have a fix asap.
Again, apologies for the inconvenience.