BUG: Can't pick up items anymore

First playthrough, hard, non iron mutant. Team Bormin, Farrow and Magnus.

After a fight in the Grave of the Ancients location I can’t pick up any items - scrap, loot, notes etc. I see them, they shine as always but I can’t interact with them. Save/load, reload, character switching, leaving and entering location doesn’t work. Help me out please couse it seems so close to the end…

Hi, that doesnt sound good. Please zip it the whole ‘saved’ folder and mail it to me at: mark@thebeardedladiesconsulting.com please mention what savegame you are using and copy your forum post into the message.

We will take a look at this. Thanks!


i have the same problem. But i know how i can start it.
Theres a building in the grave of the ancients, if you climb up the ladder, the game crahes in some way in the backend. After you climbed up the ladder, you wont stay on the floor, you stay in the air. You can still play, but theres no option to hide or collect anymore and the Z200 dont move anymore. And if you jump down from above after this bug is active, the landing sound scratches and sounds weird. What help is to leave the are or restart. I have a picture of this building, but as new user i cannot upload a pic!?!
The building has a orange sign “IKA Supermarket”

The second bug, game closing when fast travel to ark:
It also closes if you fast travel between other locations, not only to the ark. It only fails to load the location where you juming in. The automatic save is done before the game closes, so you lose nothing

My System: XboxOne (regular)