BUG: Corrupting home base

I’m getting corruption gain right in the center of my base, and I can’t figure out the cause of it. It’s been there since before I even accessed sorcery, and it hasn’t changed its epicenter even after building sorcery workshops. The effect is offset by a dancer on one floor, but it’s still a curious annoyance that I can’t identify. I’ve built a base in the same location on a previous version, and never seen the effect, or any reason for it. Is this a bug, or are bases supposed to corrupt?

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Dancers…the annoying dancers. There is a little bug in the dancers in that they have this weird circle of corrupting effect that scares you a bit and then they start dropping your corruption after that. I don’t know why it’s that way and I don’t know when this is going to be fixed but it’s been a thing for me for well over 2 years now. At the time I saw it was reported and accepted as a bug so now I’m just patiently waiting.


Could it really be the dancer? When I get close to her, I’m out of range of the corrupting influence. When I move anywhere else in reach of the corruption, she still offsets that with her reduction. I ruled her out as the cause because she’s nowhere near the epicenter. Do you think she could be projecting corruption 25m away, and if so, wtf would be the point of that?

Test it out and move her and see if the corruption moves.

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Repositioning her outside the base had an immediate effect. If the corruption aoe moved proportionately, it would be underground. I’m going to leave her there for awhile to see if it re-appears, but for now I don’t gain corruption from anywhere in my base or surrounding structures.

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See dancing is the devil :smiling_imp:

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I have been playing on a ps4 official servers pve for several months now no sign of corruption from Dancers at all. Been on official and private no sign of corruption since day one of ps4 release

@enkephalin07 sounds like you have a bug

I think it’s a bug. That’s a t1 darfari dancer, but I have Barnes of Asura on the wheel. We’ll see if he causes the same.

I have alot of dancers scattered around plus one I am leveling up still no issues. Might be the pitch fork I sent your way :laughing:

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I should’ve mentioned I’m playing testlive version. I never experienced this bug in the release version, but it has been couple releases since I played that last.

I’ve had this happen with some dancers from the beginning. I just ignore it. I have wandered what the reason was though.