Random corruption indicator, minor

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In a few spots around my base on Siptah at (L8/9) TeleportPlayer 130637 102232 -19766, get a corruption icon, most likely visual only. It shows both on the main screen and the inventory interface. I can’t see any effect on the health or stamina bar.

I have not tried to locate the spot, stand there, and see if it builds or moved my second floor entertainers.

Again, trivial, but my God, did I build on radon?




I’ve had the same thing - but I was assuming it was mod related, so hadn’t got round to testing it. New theory - since it’s apparently not just me - is it possible that it’s related to the dancers ‘cleansing’ effect? I know there’s been several times in the past that I went to Conan’s bar in the early game and got a pop-up message that I’m ‘gaining corruption’ just ahead of the ‘losing corruption’ message - like maybe the system is confused by trying to cleanse you when you don’t actually have any corruption to cleanse? (I haven’t been to Sepermeru in the current playthrough, so it’s been a while - don’t know if it’s still the same since various patches - but it’s certainly happened in the past.)

well it happens not only on siptah but on exiles , when you are near a dancer , I believed it was to indicate that corruption is going off so didn’t think it was a bug .

I have noticed this too, seems to happen sometimes around dancers when you first come into their range. It is something I have noticed recently, not sure if it has always been there though :slight_smile: Same as Dan figured it was probably a mod issue xD

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Hey @Jim1

Thanks for the observation. We’ve relayed it to the team so they can give it a look.

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As an aside, I did find a location that gave me a corruption icon without an entertainer buff. The corruption did not build and showed nothing on the healthbar after an hour or so (AFK), which reinforces the visual only aspect.




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