Bug crash "Fatal Error" and "Pak file corrupted or tempered with"

I have already reinstalled the game and verified the integrity of the archives. I don´t know what to do. I keep receiveing this message after the last update. I don´t know what to do and I’m getting upset and thinking about not playing this game until these bugs get fix.

I’m playing in an unofficial server. in Isle of Siptah

gtx 1050 (2gb)
ryzen 5 5600x
32 gb ram
motheboard b550m plus

Is the server modded?

It´s not modded and it is an unofficial server

Mine does that occasionally. In my case it’s because I play in windowed mode (1440 on a 4K 55" screen) and I try to place the window in the lower left so that the title bar is head height and centered in front of my chair - Conan is one of the few games that doesn’t remember window position. So I do this each time while it’s detecting servers and before it says joining game. If conditions are right I get that error. It happens about one in fifteen or twenty loads.

2080Ti, 5600x, 128GB Ram, Taichi Ultimate X470 MB, etc. Playing PvE on official servers.

Not sure if that’s the cause in your case but my hunch is that it has something to do with timings between client load and logging in to the server. If you have both an SSD and an HDD you might want to try moving the game files if it’s persistent or frequent in your case.

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