BUG/Glitch Report, Weapon Smith PS4 Trophy Unlocking Issue

Weapon Smith Trophy Requires,
Improve all upgradable weapons to level III.

Completed the game on Hard difficulty (Iron Mutant is off) on PS4, and searched pretty much every corner of the map, but cant find enough weapon parts to upgrade all weapons to level 3.

I have 20 weapons in my inventory,

Level 3,
Elysium - LR678 (Lvl 3)
Mimir Needle Pistol (Lvl 3)
Mimir - PC98 (Lvl 3)
CrossBow (Lvl 3)
GJR-666 (Lvl 3)
Ancient Pistol (Lvl 3)

Level 2,
BoomStick (Lvl 2) x 2
Stinger (Lvl 2) x 2

Level 1,
ScatterGun (Lvl 1)
BoomStick (Lvl 1)
Rambino (Lvl 1) x 3
PipeGun (Lvl 1) x 2
State Switcher (Lvl 1)
Slinger (Lvl 1)

116 Weapon Parts Available
1,326 Scrap Available

After dismantled duplex and triplex weapons to parts, there are still short around 400 parts to upgrade every weapon to level 3

Someone mentioned on Xbox achievement site (trueachievements),

“You do not need to upgrade every weapon, just 5 of them.”

So what exactly are five weapons need to be upgraded to level three to unlock Weapon Smith trophy on PS4?

If it is a trophy glitch, please fix it in next game update.

Thank you!