Bug/Inconsistency - ToggleDebugHUD console feature displays differently after re-joining a game

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug | Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: US

When using the console command ToggleDebugHUD, the game client incorporates into the game UI a three line HUD with the following information:

  • Client ping
  • Number of players
  • Server FPS measurement

If I then exit my game back to the main menu, and later return to this server or another (without exiting the full game client), the HUD appears with different / additional information:

  • Client ping
  • AI (no idea what this measurement is, perhaps AI scripted actions?)
  • Placeables (assuming the count of player placed “placable” objects that are loaded / rendered in the game client…?)
  • Buildings (assuming the count of player placed building structure objects that are loaded / rendered in the game client…?)
  • Number of players
  • Server FPS measurement

Even if this HUD is working as designed in either instance, the fact that there are two different outputs of information is inconsistent. If both HUD sets are needed, they should be separated into two separate HUD console commands. The ping, number of players, and server FPS is extremely useful to me. The AI, placables, and buildings are I guess a little interesting, but of far less use to me.

Please see the images below. In the first image, you will see the HUD that displays after entering ToggleDebugHUD for the first time after launching the game. In the second image, you will see the HUD that displays the extra info after having exited from my game to the main menu, and then returning back to the same game without exiting the game client.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Launch the game, connect to your favorite server.
  2. Press tilde ( ` ) to open the server console, and then type ToggleDebugHUD and press enter.
  3. Observe the Debug HUD.
  4. Exit the server, and return back to the game client Main Menu.
  5. Connect to the server again.
  6. Observe the additional information in the Debug HUD that was not there before.

Addendum, with mad props to @Barnes. :slight_smile:

Apparently I was unaware that there are multiple different versions of the DebugHUD. And these can be accessed and toggled by including a variable parameter with the command. Such as:

ToggleDebugHUD 1
ToggleDebugHUD 2
ToggleDebugHUD 3
ToggleDebugHUD 4
(There may be different or more HUDs also available)

It would seem that issuing this command without a parameter will give you the default HUD (#4?). But then if you go to the Main Menu and come back, the game client will load the HUD #2.


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lol that graphic

Always happy to help! Figured there must be a way, and one day I’ll take a deeper dive to expose some more of those settings.

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