Bug Report: Ancestral Knowledge Recipes Misplaced (Age of Sorcery Chapter 3)

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Map: Exiled Lands
Mods: none

Bug Description:

Many recipes in the Ancestral Knowledge tab (those given by the Battle Pass and Black Lotus Bazaar) are often in the wrong categories or outright missing. As examples, Stormglass Sanctum (Bazaar) recipes are in the T1 Mason section instead of T3 Mason, neither the Gurnakhi Saddle (BP1) or Ophidian Magi Saddle & Barding (BP2) recipes appear in the Novice Saddle-maker section, Blood Crystal Maul (BP3) appears under Skirmish and Specialist Weapons Epic instead of Bruiser and Two-Handed Epic, Blood Crystal Shield (BP3) appears under Skirmish and Specialist Weapons Epic instead of Defender and Shields Epic (in fact all BP3 weapons and shields are in the wrong section), Arcane Staff (BP1) is in the Bruiser and Two-Handed Weapons Epic section instead of Basic Sorcery (it is also wrongly crafted at the Blacksmith Bench instead of the Thaumaturgy Bench with the base game Arcane Staff), etc. This list is not comprehensive.

Bug Reproduction:

Have Battle Pass and Bazaar recipes unlocked, then open the Ancestral Knowledge tab to look. Some picture examples below, but only a dev account with every microtransaction item could see a comprehensive list.

Some picture examples below.

Stormglass Sanctum

Missing Saddles

Weapon Shenanigans

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