Bug report pc official


tonight i experienced a bug on the official server pvp 1058.
During a raid we make explode some explosives, i die for the explosion and during the time i was on the respawn windows the server crushed.
when we re-entered on the server the explosive was still there, unesploded, but i was dead, but my corpe wasn’t where i died and there is no marck of the dead on the map. we check the log but in the log dosn’t show mi dead.
i lost all of my things and i was carring all our dragon powder.
i don’t know if there is a way to check what’s appened.

No luck for the dragon powder :slight_smile:

I think there is a problem with servers databases, some peoples have lost entire bases recently, others all items in benchs …

I have been better is servers have been wiped before the Siptah update. And after at least a 3 months wipe to keep the servers databases clean.

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