BUG report Siptah

Hello FUNCOM developers!

I found some graphics texture failures on the Isle of Siptah, for example in H9 at the watchtower. Take a look:

TeleportPlayer -89495.78125 71672.609375 -12919.167969

And in a Camp in K5 (Netikertys Throne). Take a look:

There are actually two flowers flying:

TeleportPlayer 77577.6875 281352.5 -15551.668945
TeleportPlayer 74936.703125 277638.03125 -16056.538086

And in a Harbor next to a stygian (war)ship in J6. Take a look:

TeleportPlayer 21826.537109 209553.765625 -19956.382813

And it seems that a few stairs are missing in The Proving Grounds in J5. Take a look:

because there is also a flying stone:

TeleportPlayer 7547.967285 278262.84375 -17394.15625

And there is an empty book in a house next to The Triune Grave in G6. Take a look:

TeleportPlayer -143523.40625 252971.921875 -14938.944336

I don’t know if this is intended, but the wooden stairs don’t hit the ground in F6. Take a look:

TeleportPlayer -192576.734375 213482.703125 -18954.023438

I’m not quite sure, if this is intended, too. A platform is missing (in I10) ?

TeleportPlayer -49690.234375 15049.453125 -9796.149414

Kind regards



Hi @DerGerman and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Can you please provide us with the coordinated to these floating items?

Hi Dana!

I posted the exact coordinates. You are welcome! :slight_smile:

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Hi, How were you able to post screenshots? I have been a member of the forums for over a year and still do not see a way to do it. The last patch altered the old land at 7-k a lot and wanted to post a screenshot or two showing the change.

I think they go by a ‘trust’ elvel algorith, I got bumped up once a few days ago, was a link to how its calculated, like answering so many threads, posting so many replies, spending x amount of time on the forum and other things, stops some random bot spaming ads after joining ‘I think’ cannot say to what criteria screenshot posting is unlocked.

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