Bug Report: Two Thrall Strength Buffs Possible

Game mode: Online Official Testlive
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Language: Polish
Client Revision #188524/22834

Giving “weaker” food after “best one” to thralls causes to activate both strength buffs


Giving “best” after “weaker” cause buff replacement

I am not sure which one is correct (stack or replace) but its definitively bug

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
  1. Give a freshly spawned thrall food from 2 and further place of diet table (50 pcs of Shredded Roast f.e.)
  2. Observe in thrall statsistics that he is reciving "weaker" buff (fist without pluses)
  3. Take Shredded Roast from his inventory and replace it with food from first place of diet table (50 pcs of Cooked Pork Rinds)
  4. Observe that in place of "weaker" buff appears "stronger" one (fist with pluses)
  5. Take Cooked Pork Rinds back and give Shredded Roast again
  6. Observe that previous buff remains and new one ("weaker") also appears

I’ve noticed that every first food on thrall/pet/mount’s diet list gives them additional strength buff which is independent from other food.
I.E: highland berries for horses , cooked pork rinds for thralls , exquisite meat for sabretooth.

I think it is intentional for two strength buff to stack for giving them rare food to obtain at the cost of lesser healing factor compared to other food in the diet list.

Both strength effect wears off in about 1 hour if there are no added food in pets/thralls/mount’s inventory.

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