Thrall doesn't want to eat food and be healed

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug

First I gave gruel to my thrall, then I putted cooked pork rinds in his inventory with gruel in it already. After the thrall finished pork, he doesn’t want to eat gruel anymore. I tried to get out everything from his inventory and then put gruel back - no results. If I press ‘Use’ on gruel in his inventory it heals 1 point per 3 sec (if I remember correctly gruel heals 6 points). Now I can’t force him to eat anything else but pork and be healed. Did the developers implemented food picky behavior for thralls, I mean, well, who wants to eat gruel after he/she already tasted fresh-fried fatty pork? Or this is just a bug?

As far as can be figured, this seems to be intended. It’s probably Funcom’s solution to the somewhat overpowered previous situation of being able to stack the food buffs to give them +35% damage and max healing. You should see the same effect with any of the animals and the food at the top left of their diet bar. The idea seems to be that we now have to choose between giving them the +25% damage buff, but having them locked to minimum healing for the duration of the buff, or giving them decent healing food but having them only get +10% damage bonus. (Although your answer about ‘picky eating’ also works :slight_smile: ). It could be a bug (I’m not aware of an official statement on it), but it certainly seems intended.

Either way - if you wait for the buff to wear off (around an hour from the last piece of pork you fed them iirc) then you should be able to feed them other food normally.

Yea, to wait and feed him with gruel again works. About your explanation - but if thrall already have +25% buff, why not make it to just replace it with 10% if he ate gruel? And back 25% if he ate pork. I think stacking 25% + 10% was bug and needed just to be fixed)

Yep, that certainly sounds like it would be a reasonable way to do it - would allow greater flexibility of choice to the player which is always a good thing. Maybe it was felt that would still be too easy to abuse? (I don’t see how, but it’s the only logic I can come up with…)

A theoretical misuse of immediate changes to food effects could be:

Your follower just reached level 16 with the gruel buff to the chance of increasing a desired attribute. Immediately remove the gruel and replace with pork which buffs attribute chances that are undesired, but adds 15% damage. Approaching level 17 replace the pork with gruel and reap both benefits.

The current implementation seems fine with me since that was avoided. I would not call it an exploit, just using an unintended behaviour to gain an advantage.

It appears to me to be good design, but that’s just me. It focuses on choice.




Makes sense - I guess I was looking at it too much from the hp/sec vs damage bonus perspective and not taking enough account of the stat benefits. Thanks :slight_smile:

And as you say, focus on player choice is definitely a good thing.

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But what if my thrall is already 20lvl?)

Then you don’t care about the buff to the attribute chances. Use cooked pork rinds for a 15% strength buff and 1 point of healing per second or exotic feast without the extra 15% and heal at 10 per second.

It’s all about choices.



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