Thralls don't heal or eat after eating pork unless given more pork

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [US]

[I noticed my human thralls stopped eating and healing in combat. No healing perk in Stats. No healing icon in health bar. I discovered this only happens to me after I feed them pork for the 25% melee buff. I then discovered they will still eat and gain heal perk if given more pork.]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Feed Human Thrall 1 or more cooked pork.
2.Replace all pork in Human Thrall’s inventory with food such as gruel or cooked stake.
3.Check stats for healing effect and go into combat to look at HP bar.
4.Replace food in inventory with cooked pork and repeat.

Short answer - this appears to be intended (though it would be good to get actual confirmation on that from Funcom).

For a more thorough answer, Wak made a video examining what’s going on (and some ways to still make them eat a bit):


I fed cooked pork to 3 human thralls 4 hours ago. They no longer have the 25% buff after sitting idle all that time. I gave one gruel. She ate it and got the 10% increase damage buff from the gruel. But the stats buff from the cooked pork will not go away (7% to Str and 7% to Agl). She does eat the gruel and heal from it but her growth chances still is from cooked pork and not gruel. Server reset fixes the stuck growth percentage chance from cooked pork.

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That would make it a bug, I would think.

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When the thrall levels, you can once again, change the attribute you wish to buff. But they still will not eat and heal until the server restart. Pork in the thrall pot will also activate this bug as I learned the hard way while visiting a clan-mate’s base.

well, you porked them so much that now it’s no longer eating habit, it’s an addiction

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Our clan laughs at the term every time I bring it up. It is a funny situation by name only but, since it can cause a thralls death. Please stay on topic as this is actually quite tragic. :slight_smile:

Hey there,

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ve sent note to our team so they can look into it.

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