Thralls not healing

No matter what kind of food you have in a thralls inventory they only ever heal 1 point per second. Also they don’t come out of there attack stance. Also healing arrows only work while they are attacking , after battle they have no effect.

Are you still feeding them pork? I found that was the result when I fed them pork - they got a 25% damage buff, but wouldn’t eat anything else. Probably just that loophole getting fixed (I noticed the 25% also doesn’t seem to stack with a 10% anymore). As soon as the pork buff has worn off, they ate normally again.

Thanks for that! Even though I was feeding them gruel, I did have pork in my thrall pot. So I think they eat from that first, also I’ve noticed even though I’m on the other side of the map from my thrall pot they are still eating from it somehow. They are still in a fighting stance when provoked and never come out of it. I have removed pork as a good source everywhere and healing has come back. Thanks again.

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Yeah, thralls staying in a fighting stance seems to be widespread (I’m certainly getting it). If you can’t just ignore it (hey, sometimes it’s annoying :wink: ), taking the weapon out of their hand and putting it back in their inventory resets their position. But then if they get into combat they won’t draw the weapon again, unless you draw it for them (or, it seems, if it’s simply been ‘long enough’ however long that is). As I say, seems to be widespread, so hopefully we’ll see that one cleared up soon.

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