Bug Reporting Template for Age of Conan


Here are some important steps to keep in mind when creating an efficient bug report.

First off some useful keybinds.
Shift + F9 to fetch patch revision,
Alt + F9 to copy coordinations of your character to clipboard.

Some general guildines for a good report.
Title: To submit a good bug report it is important to have a precise and clear title shortly explaining the bug.

Version: Please provide the patch revision, it can be obtained through pressing Shift + F9 in-game. It automatically copies to the clipboard.

Summary: Provide a one to three sentences summary of the bug. If it’s graphics related then it’s important to provide if it’s dx9 or dx10 and attach a dxdiag

Character: Provide level, race and class of the used character. Important to provide for Destiny quest related bugs.

Steps to Reproduce: Provide the necessary steps to reproduce the bug, try to be as detailed a possible while keeping it to roughly five steps.

Example bug report:

Title: [Item] Sands of a God goes on cooldown without effect.
Version: Conan_v5.00.0@582503_ConanLiveWin32_2018 Revision: 582503

Sometimes ‘Sands of a God’ for the unchained boss encounter ‘Acheronian Warlord’ in Halls of Eternal Frost goes on a 3 second cooldown. Using it for a second time puts intended effect of ‘Sands of the Anicents’ and item goes on a 60 seconds cooldown.

Character: Level 80 Cimmerian Priest of Mitra

Steps to Reproduce.

  1. Pick up “Sands of a God” by right clicking the sandbag on the altar at 264.3 279.4 y 66.2 1081
  2. Engage the “Acheronian Warlord” boss fight at 168.6 217.6 y 66.6 1081
  3. Target and stand next to “Acheronian Warlord”, use item “Sands of a God”.
  4. Item “Sands of a God” goes on a 3 seconds cooldown.
  5. Repeat step 3 until it goes on a 60 seconds cooldown.

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