Bug template is borked from the beginning

Basic Info:

Platform: Other
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: =GAME MODE=
Server Type: =SERVER TYPE=
Map: =MAP=
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

The bug template does not work. Clicking to the link (first picture) does not work. Only opening in new tab. Then, it clearly says OPTIONAL tags, but it won’t let me continue without HAVING TO choose a tag… This whole new template just made things worse.

Bug Reproduction:

Described above.

First picture.

Second picture.

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Greetings rolee9309!
Thank you for reaching out to us.

If you access the bug template through the link below, does the issue that you’ve reported still persist?

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

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No, it does not work, and it has never worked.

The new topic title is empty. The body says:

The information you filled out should now be listed below. :point_down:
Please copy this info and paste it into a new report. Thank you!

But the information I filled out is not listed below.


I have to copy the whole thing and place it in a new post for it to work.

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Thank you for the answer. The link in this message directs me to the new template, yes.

But if I want to create a new topic, the usual window pops up, like in the first picture I sent. Then the link there is unusable, only the middle mouse button (which has a default of ‘open in new tab’ function), or the usual right click-open in new tab/window helps. No direct left click, which should be the default.

And what about the second problem? Or am I missing something? Optional should mean I don’t have to add a tag. Like this topic is not a steam problem, it is a forum problem, but first I have to add the steam (or other platform) tag.

Edit: oh, and yeas, as the two member say, the newer method does not copy your text into the template, you manually have to copy that.

Thank you for your clarification and our apologies for the late reply!

We’ve communicated the issue so that it may be corrected as quickly as possible :slight_smile:

Continuation of a pleasant week!

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