[BUG] Unable to Navigate Chapter 7+ Journey Entries

Game mode: Online and Single Player
Problem: Bug
Region: USA

Users on the PS4 are not able to navigate the journey entries past chapter 6. Attempting to view the entries in the later chapters causes the pane scrolling to break, making the selector cursor invisible and the scroll functionality to jump around.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open the Journey menu (left on D-Pad)
  2. Using the D-Pad, scroll down to Chapter 7
  3. Press right on the D-Pad 3 times

The Window will scroll to the top, an empty chapter 1 journey entry will be displayed (even if all entries are discovered), and the cursor will be invisible.

You can move the cursor around a bit to get it back, but if you try to view chapter 7 or later again, it will do the same thing.

Stuck on same 3 journey steps, seems no one from Fraudcom is has even acknowledged this issue.
Googe suggest pc players have created a mod that enables completion of these steps.
Wont be a fix for this any time soon, not due to being on vacation, simply because Fraudcom will keep players from 100% completing this rubbish as a means of player retention.

I’d of quit this pathetic excuse for a game long ago if these steps were possible

Damn reply is on wrong post, errs every time try to delete.

Its a big complicated game, made by a relatively small company. Cut them some slack. :slight_smile: