Bug when playing with daggers

Game mode: Online official | Single-player)]
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict | PvE
Region: South America

when playing with dagger we have two very bad bugs in which it makes the game with her unviable.

1- your attacks often pass through the enemies, when they move towards you and you use the light attack the animation enters the animal often causing no damage and not preventing it from performing its action causing you to take the damage even if you attacked and with good time spacing between their attack.

this makes the dagger game unviable because it fails to cause damage by bug, I believe it is because the damage is being caused inside the tripe, there have been times I lost 3 attacks of the combo and the bug turns and attacks me without having taken 1 of damage if you want!

2- your dodge even with greater agility and courage and insignificant even hitting the team it is impossible to dodge an attack many times even without having the animation of the sword touching you.

to solve the problem of skiing the first one would have to be a little longer than the second and faster the animation or leaving you unavoidable during the beginning of the animation.

the tests were done on servers with server fps of more than 120 and the game fps high.

to simulate this bug just put a dagger in your hand and when the bug is coming use the light attack to approach it. and repeat the action also I already took the damage for when the beast is on the shore performing some action however intermittent sometimes occurs and sometimes not

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