Bug Xbox one tombe introuvable et crash du jeu au lancement

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Je viens vers vous afin de vous signaler de gros bug sur le serveur officiel 2010 un ami et moi somme mort et impossible de retrouver notre tombe donc nous avons perdu notre stuff et de plus quand je me suis reconnecter ce jour je me suis retrouver nu plus de stuff a nouveau alors que j’en avais un bien avancé comment pouvez vous expliquer cela ! Ce sont des heures de farm perdu dans la nature et cela n’est pas vraiment une bonne image j’attend de vous un réglage de c’est bug ! Et voir un dédommagement de votre part mise à part ça le jeu est très bien mais je ne vous cache pas mon mécontentement par rapport à ceci ! Cordialement
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Hello @HeyliiosFR, welcome to the forums!

Do you have any messages in your Event Log that could indicate the cause of death?

hello sorry but your answer is not really related to what i wrote to you. so suddenly I’m going to try to be more precise. firstly when i connect to the official server 2010 on xbox one the game crashes after a few seconds which forces me to restart the console. secondly we had a purge and I was killed and following that impossible to find my grave with my equipment so basically I lost all my stuff and thirdly one day I reconnected on the server and I found myself naked so big bug which again made me lose all my stuff. this is very unpleasant after hours of farming when the game is great. I’d like to know if you could do something and if a patch is coming soon to fix bugs. thank you.

Apologies for not being more specific in my question, you had mentioned in the original post that when you reconnected you were naked, therefore your character died while you were offline, which you also mention in your reply:

If you check your Event Log it might tell you the cause of death, which would help us determine whether it was due to an issue or not.

Regarding the game crashes, the developers continuously address as many crashes as possible on each patch released, so this is an ongoing effort.

Lastly, regarding the death during the purge, was the grave marker icon not shown in the map, or was the grave not present in the location?

thank you for your answer concerning my death during the purge there was indeed the tomb on the map but on the spot no tomb of present impossible to find it as if it were in the ground impossible to recover.

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