Build A Village part 1 Of Many to come

I am not the worlds best designer far from it, but what I have done I am happy with so far, as this is open world as such with many combo permintations as how to build I have come up with this so far, its a small fishing village with only 3 buildings so far, a brief rundown on what you are about to see.

1: The well is going where I am sitting

2: Side view of fish house with fish baskets catching fish

3:Sorting out the dried catch

4: Growing some shrooms and other stuff you know what I mean

well thats the outside now inside:

left hand side

right hand side

My master bedroom

Ok now for the big building you saw on picture 1 go up the stairs and open the door

now we are inside the round house with another door to the right

Walk along the coridoor to the other door on your right


Can you guess what it is yet?

Wow a massive building just for my SHRINE OF MITRA


Now do you see the door on the bottom right? you will have to swim your way out

I made it out second time around as you can see

Here is the secret opening which is under the stairs which would take you back into the room of


If you want to join me I have a server on PvE it’s called build a village, also im using teamspeak if you want to speak to me with some idears, or even help me if you want to.



Looking good fella. Be good to see the finished product :slight_smile:

part 2 uploading now