Massive village project underway needs conans please PvE

Hi everyone,

I have a request and would like some feedback and some help please.

Before I begin I will say this has been done on ark - rust - life is feudal your own, and most other games like this type of genre, so now I would like to add mine to the mix.

I would like to cunstruct a working village with working thralls, I just paid for a 6 months server with 12 players, if needed it will expand to the max but for now I will see how it works with 12 players at the start.

So what do I need? well for a start someone who really likes this game and has a vast knoweledge of building and constructing, 12 or more players who want to commit themselves, " NO SQUEAKERS NEED TO APPLY "

I would like someone to be the main designer in the game and making sure things go to plan.

Next step choose a location or locations, have a CASTLE BUILT AND WORKING DRAW BRIDGES when we have enough resources…

" PLEASE NOTE " I am deadly serious about this, this has been done before in this game and I would like some help from you all to make this possible, next thing is I have the server in PvE

Thanks for reading this, I am a 54 year old man who has plenty of time on his hands and I dont mind grinding away “WITHOUT CHEATING”

Thank for reading this, you can contact me on here or on teamspeak.

If interested im on " Build a village " PvE server

teamspeak is…

Just edited post. I now have discord…

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Hey I think I’ll come check this out. During the day the ppl on my server are usually at work so it’s pretty dead. I know this map like the back of my hand (still working on the swamp) and all I do is build. Wouldn’t mind helping!

please do your more than welcome. i paid 6 months for the server im on my own at the moment only level 21 and doing it from scratch with out cheating, yes please do come over i also have teamspeak

just finished doing a fishing port as such