12 slot Relaxed EU PvP Server .2.5 Harvest 3.0 XP

Paid for a small server for 6 months 12 players at the moment until it gets busy with constant players,
No wipes just pure PvE I am at level 21 and constructing a village all on my own at the moment I would love to have some help on a building project building over 2 rivers and having 1 massive fishing village and a town with castle and draw bridge thralls the lot, seen many videos this has been done before and I am going to try and do one even if I don’t get anyone to help, I have plenty of time on my hands and will explore the map in the end and complete the tasks, there is no rush just nice and relaxed server, teamspeak if you want to join thanks everyone.

PS: You might have come across another post of me wanting help that’s because I didn’t put it in the right place