Build and Chill AU PvE PC Building Server

:star: Build and Chill PvE :star:

:football: Server Type: PvE Relaxed on Exiled Lands
:earth_asia: Server Location: Oceania (Sydney)
:capital_abcd: Server Language: English (Others welcome :slight_smile: )
:alarm_clock: Server Start Date: 17/10/2020
:gear: Highlighted Server Settings: 10x Harvest and Tame. 75% Faster Craft. Purge on!
:wrench: Server Mods: 14 in total ranging from Pippi (duh), to Emberlight, all updated and working! Full mod list can be easily subscribed to from this collection:

:eyes: Server Details: Build and Chill was created as a home for players who just want to build big structures. I have set no build limits, nor will I. I have created kits for easy starts, and will happily provide warps and portals for the larger builds! Naturally people who don’t want to build are always welcome!

This is what Im building :slight_smile:

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RAMTEX! I missed ya buddy! I was looking for the Lawless Sands server before, but I saw the notice about it being discontinued.

Hope you’re well. <3

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Hey Stillwater! Lawless Sands sadly discontinued as I was finding it too much work to maintain it on my own when all I wanted to do is just build stuff! I really just enjoy building big, detailed palaces and other such things, so this server won’t be too crazy, just friends building stuff :slight_smile:

Msg me on Discord if ya like, Ramtex#9055 if you dont have me already <3

Full list of mods can be found here: