Build mode on console rotation/altitude controls

Its already known that trying to reorient building pieces and other placeables with a controller causes you to attack, and I’m aware that its already up on Trello for votes, but I think theres an easy way to fix it. While I was in build mode I noticed that up on D-Pad (POV switch) was disabled then i tried it with the other directions and down (emotes) was also disabled. Left and right (journey and map respectivley) still worked but I’ve never had any use for them while building, so if they were disabled too that would free up the D-pad for build mode controls (left and right for rotation, up and down for altitude). This way you still have crouch available to avoid falling without changing whether you want to rotate or raise/lower the object. Having up and down as altitude control is also more intuitive than arbitrarily deciding left is now down and right is up (or vice versa). Hope you take this into consideration

PS: it would also be cool if the placeables always appear with the thrall side facing you when you equip them, so you dont have to waste time rotating evey work station you place :slight_smile:

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