Rotating Building Pieces with Controller - Causes Character to Attack


Place few foundation blocks.
Try to place a wall section.
Try to rotating the wall section using the Right Trigger on controller.
Watch your character punch at the air, if not holding a weapon.
Go back into placing a wall section and rotate as normal.

This also occurs when placing workstations.

This is happening in all Testlive servers and solo-player (and Xbox).

This is very annoying when trying to place a lot of pieces and they seem to rotate on their own and then need to be manually rotated.

I added a link from a previous reporting of this problem on a thread that has since been locked.


Yeah, I have this exact same problem too, it’s very annoying, i hope they fix it.

According to Trello, they are actively working on a fix for this now

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NICE! I cannot tell you how many times I fell off of a building trying to place a building piece. LOL

Character is also punching after last peace is set in world often. Or when you stop building, this on pc, with keyboard and mouse. May be related.

One workaround I’ve found to avoid leaping off structures or damaging your buildings. Press X to go into a combat stance, or alternate key if remapped, before preparing your block for placement. Naturally this only works for PC.

I just discovered a new workaround for this last night…

Pull out some bindings you use for dragging thralls, and keep it in your hand while building. After the 1st punch, you will stay in the stance for as long as you’re still holding the bindings.

Without the bindings, or anything else in your left hand, you’ll return back to the normal stance after a few seconds and trying to rotate will make you punch again.

This bug totally ruined the game for me since it was introduced in December. It came with the archery update. I’ve been using a torch to do this workaround, but it constantly dying and needing more fiber/coal was getting annoying too. Discovering that bindings work too was a huge relief.

I stumbled across using the torch as well. Character swings the torch but at least they do not leap off of the building.

I will have to try using the bindings.

You will still do the full punch with the bindings, but only the one time. After that you’re good. Take them out, make sure you’re not near the edge, punch, then take out the foundation.

Oddly enough, kicking doesn’t work with them. Just punching. You can rotate freely with the bindings if you stick to rotating in that direction only, and never touch the other direction to do the 1st punch.

I found having to repair the torch and loose a little encumbrance for the extra fiber/coal was frustrating. And if you want to be in 1st person while doing the placing, the torch could block part of your vision and make it even harder.

Same here. It did not help.

I hope so because this bug SUCKS… Falling off walls trying to place things

It didn’t?

I just started building a new tower on a small cliff. I pulled out bindings, hit the right trigger to do my 1st punch up there making sure I wouldn’t fall, then I crouched, (crouching prevents you from falling off edges like in minecraft) pulled out the foundation and started building near the edge. I was fine after that 1st punch as long as I kept the bindings in my hand.

The difference between the torch and the bindings is the type of punch you do. With a torch you just do a simple swing so there’s no forward movement, but it will burn out after a couple minutes and need to be repaired. With the bindings you’ll do a normal punch with full movement, but it won’t ever burn out and need repair.

Neither is an ideal solution. Just have to find what works best for you. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

Learned this works with sheilds too last night. Probably anything you hold in your left hand.

I use a glowing stick instead of torches. These only require glowing essence and bones to repair …which are much lighter to carry than coal.
Recipe is not difficult to obtain.

And they work under water too.

These are the ones you unlock in the Dregs right?
I’m just about to go in there finally, since I’m a solo player and from what I understand you want to be a decent level if you don’t have any company with you.

I don’t want to do spoilers … but you will see what I mean about the recipe once you’ve been in there.

I was just looking for confirmation that those are indeed the ones you guys are referring to, not specific directions on how to get them.
Making sure you’re not talking about the other 2 types of torches you can unlock on the feats page at higher levels.

I do already know about unlocking them from watching YouTube vids, but I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for others by posting it here.

How long is the decay timer on those out of curiosity?

Glowing stick is 15minutes … similar to the torch that needs coal. Though at the moment it often shows “0.00” on hotbar before you start to use it or at the moment you start to use it… and then when you use it the timer calculates after a second of use and shows the correct time left to run.

I don’t know any other glowing stick. I usually go there at level 10-15, you get the recipie at the lorestone just inside and dive into the pit to get some goo to make the stick, then go out again, no danger involved.

That’s the spoiler we were specifically trying to avoid posting here @stinger, lol.

But since you said it, making your way through the thrall camp in front, and doing what u need to do to open the door is still something that’s pretty hard for a low level solo player. You can’t even get a basic truncheon to knock a thrall out until level 10. Then there’s the higher level crocs that attack you once you’re inside.

I could probably do it at level 10 now that I’m experienced, but I died a lot in that camp when I first started playing.

Once you have the recipe you don’t even need to dive into a pool for the materials. There’s plenty of glowing goo and bones available in the world outside.

And btw, the other glowing torches I was referring to are the witchfire and radium gem torches, which you unlock through the feats page in the menu at higher levels.