L2/R2 while building starts fighting

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US West]

[When building if I try to rotate a piece, my character will kick/punch (depending on direction of rotation). Sometimes building has to be attempted multiple times. This is annoying because when building in the fighting stance the camera moves around a whole bunch everytime I slightly move. sometimes the building controls will stay on screen when I’m done building too. Everyone on my server has this problem.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.pull out building piece
2.attempt to rotate

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this issue is already tracked…


Must not be important… scroll thru each of them other day, didnt find that one…
that lots of swear words issue stop me from playing damn game. -_-’

It’s listed under “For Prioritization”, so I’d say they consider it important, but it’s also under “Under Investigation”, so they haven’t discovered how it happened yet.

Putting a torch in your hand helps. It makes it take longer to go into a combat stance. If you are in a combat stance previous to selecting your building piece it will rotate( or alternately raise/lower) instead of de-selecting. They should deactivate all these motions in building mode( crouch also) .

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It didn’t used to do this. So they were deactivated at some point

Hey everybody, quick update.

As @koder88 pointed out, we’re aware of this issue and we added it to our Trello board so you can vote for it if you deem it necessary to prioritize it. Here’s the link:


wait what… this bug should never have made it out of test… nor should it need us voting it up. -_-’

It should be on the “we need to fire/yell at ps4 test team” list for letting this make it out of testing or letting it go unnoticed.
Katana update killed this game, and this bug makes me not want to play it.

You asked for videos of trouble areas… and I do not wanna play this broken game cause of this ****.


Crouching keeps from falling off edges, and it is helpful when building.

Fixing the flying mode would be nice to solve that too.

This is on both consoles, and SHOULD BE THE ONLY PRIORITY BUG BEING WORKED ON!!! And don’t say go to the trello board and vote on it. This is a GAME BREAKING BUG.

It should NEVER have made it out of testing. It’s a BASIC FUNCTION OF THE GAME and the fact it’s not working means the game us UNPLAYABLE.

The fact that it’s been broken for almost a month is completely unacceptable.

ROLL BACK THE UPDATE! Most of us would rather have the game working like it did in November, rather than the new bow mechanics, cheesy new jump animations, etc.

Plus, this is costing you money.

I can personally confirm it cost you guys at least 2 sales / new players on xbox during the holidays as I gave my friends honest answers when they saw it was on sale and asked me my opinion. I basically told them, “well it’s a lot of fun and I’m throughly addicted, but currently one of the core mechanics of the game is broken and has been all month. Treat it like minecraft, with every new update possibly breaking the game.”
Nobody wants to pay for a game like that.


exactly screw the trello board and start fixing the game as required.


the game is dead. most public servers are dead. I believe they are working on new games because they can’t bring much more money in with this game. This game was a cash grab, it was broken when it first released , and each update has made it more unplayable. It was a great concept and had the potential to be a great game. I won’t buy funcom game again. all trust is lost.


Lol it’s not dead. Clearly not on PC at least.
And despite the fact the game’s been available for awhile now, the xbox is still a largely untapped market.
Only 6 of my ~100 friends on xbox have ever played it, and only 1 of them kept playing until level 60.

I suspect the playstation version has sold a little more since more people own ps4s than xb1s, but I bet the numbers are probably similar. You can’t populate a server if nobody bought the game.

If Funcom concentrated on first making a stable game on the consoles instead of adding new stuff, and then kept it stable when adding stuff, players would come back and new ones would come.
Instead we get a broken game for over a month, while they hype up all the new changes coming to the PC version and release more overpriced dlc.


So any official word as to when we’ll finally get a working game on consoles again?


Soon I hope. Blue screen and freezing is the biggest problem on our server right now. Some occasional odd things
Getting used to sinking thralls. Ps4 private gportal. 20 slots and we are growing we have a lot more people than that. Fortunately we have players from everywhere. Time zones are great.

Their first priority was fixing the server issues then they were going to take a look at performance I think. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long because honestly the poor performance, freezing and stuttering issues it’s just not enjoyable to play right now.


Here I am all salty I can’t build, while you guys over here are having problems even getting on.
Don’t I feel like a whiny little bi-atch. Lol

This is incredibly helpful. However it’s currently very easy to un-crouch and accidentally fall off while trying to adjust placement.

I think when you pull out a building piece or placable item, you shouldn’t be able to crouch, kick, punch, etc until you place it or put it back away.
Crouch before you pull out the piece if necessary.

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