Build pieces not decaying issue Series X Single Player mode

After demolishing my base in H-11 on the Exiled Lands 3 weeks ago, my build piece counter stated I still have 9 build pieces still up somewhere in my single player game. In an effort to eliminate them, I’ve searched former build sites as well as ghost mode to check for rogue pieces under the map to no avail. Resorted to switching the decay timer to it’s absolute minimum and have checked the timer from an area I’ve not built at every Monday and Thursday evening for the past 3 weeks. Build pieces still haven’t despawned. Would love to know why my build piece counter isn’t reading as zero like it should be

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. In order to clarify the matter, can you tell us if are you able to see the building pieces that don’t vanish?

If possible, could you share a screenshot/picture of the situation in question?
If it’s not possible to see them anymore, do you remember what building set was used for those pieces?

We hope to hear back from you.

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No visible building pieces (walls, ceilings, pillars, foundations etc). Have used Storm glass, Storm glass cathedral, Nemedian, Nemedian war torn, Aesir, Frontier, Stable (hay covered) and Black Ice. All former build sites checked above ground and under map via admin ghost. Placeables are accounted for.

Thank you for the additional information. We’ll send your case for investigation.

Have a good weekend Exile! :slight_smile:

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