Building arches and domes

Arched bridges? Arched cathedral ceilings? Dome ceilings?

With the increased structural strength of arches, we could create much larger rooms, without pillars - map rooms where you can easily walk around the map perimeter.

In addition to the increased pillar-less room size, you could have two types of arches: Foundations that are arched underneath, but flat on top, allowing for more foundations on top of those and ceiling ones that are arched under and round on top. No building on those.


If you know what your doing you can actually build domed Ceilings though it is difficult and time consuming i’ve done it before you just can’t go to large as you have to balance the stability out. ^^ If you get creative with the building blocks its rather amazing what you can do.

Though it should be noted that you don’t get a round top either pointed or flat.

With the wedge pieces, it does add a lot of creativity. I wish there were corner wedges though, to bring square and round structures together better. With true arches that could be built upon, I envision some lovely bridges spanning small rivers and canyons, with fortresses on top of those. How great for dumping a hot cauldron of oil down in invaders in the canyon below :slight_smile: I don’t PvP, but I do PvPurge.

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Yeah i am well acquainted with the desire for those small wedge blocks.

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