Building hammer auto-equips when I dive and I keep almost drowning

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 8130

Bug Description:

When my character’s head goes underwater the last tool they had equipped is automatically placed in their hand, as long as it’s in the hotwheel. This is annoying but OK if it’s a weapon. If it’s the construction hammer, then I have to exit construction mode and remove it from the hotwheel. I keep almost drowning, or at least having to stop what I was planning to do and resurface to deal with it.

Bug Reproduction:

1.Dive under water.
2. Construction hammer auto-equips.
3. Frantically exit construction mode and remove the hammer from the hotwheel while trying to float to the surface before taking damage.

If this is a feature I do not like it.


We have had the same problem. It is a Real pain .


Funny you mention that, I equip my sword every time I dive in water.

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Yes if the hammer is the last item you held, just unequipping it is not enough, the game will auto equip New Construction Hammer in various, very unfortunate situations. Swimming, I imagine, is the most deadly. I always re-equip a weapon even when walking around my base to avoid this bug/feature.

I second this vote!

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Yeah the feature is that you can equip and unequip weapons or tools fast by pushing triangle longer time.

The triangle button is not the best for it. I don’t know where we could find a better place. Maybe L3?

But is it realy quicker than selecting it via wheel? Is it necessary to have this feature at all?
I think removing it will be the best and quickest solution. Nobody would miss it and we where able to dive and build under water again.
Or do I just miss something special for what we need this feature? Didn’t it makes me also crouch down outside the water?

It seems to me like this is one of the things that where added to the game and just tested the functionality but not the behavior in all situations. Or there where never a real test with consoles.


I Wonder why i equiped my axe permanently :see_no_evil:

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