Buildings sometimes not rendering for several minutes

Lately I have experienced that buildings don’t render at all and it can take up to 5 minutes before they do on official server PVE-C 1041.
I have talked to 2 others from the server that say they have experienced the same issue in the same area, you can see all placeables, thralls and pets just not building pieces like in the screenshot below.

Also I have noticed that for some time chests and station inventories can take up to a minute or more before showing their content, this happens frequently.

I’m not sure when all this started, but it was sometime during this summer, and I don’t know if it is a bug or a server issue… Has anyone else experienced such problems?

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I been complaining about the interior of the base rendering before the exterior walls for what seems like forever. They did fix it at some point then a patch later I guess they forgot to put that code into the patch and it has been back ever since.

It kind of sucks then people can log off and back on in a base or sprint up to it and see the interior layout. Really sucks on PVP servers.

FunCom get this FIXED for gods sake. :roll_eyes:


It’s a common and long-standing issue. My base can be scouted completely by standing at the right distance, the interior renders in, but until you walk closer none of the exterior walls render. So everyone can see my stations, boxes, all my business before they see the walls.

It can be caused by distance, or by number of rendered objects, for example, if there are dozens of thralls and pets in an area. It is made worse by the way the game handles rendered objects, they don’t fully exist until they fully render in. So I can run to a base near me, and it appears that all the doors are gone. I can run inside, scout the entire base, open any unlocked chest, but it won’t let me take anything out. Give it 3-4 minutes, and I’m teleported back outside so their doors can render in.

Long story short, it’s sort of a bug, sort of a performance issue with the game. If it is taking 5 minutes to load in and it happens to several people in the same area, I’d put money on that base being a cancer fest of thralls, pets, and duped items. Or just generally the server is getting overloaded with objects.

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I’m guessing it was the cause (or at least contributing to) whatever was causing servers to sputter and die gruesome deaths on a daily basis some months back, which started happening shortly after the improved building streaming system came in, and mostly stopped happening after it seemed to be pulled back out. Which was a pity because it really did improve loading times.

Disclaimer: I can’t even say for sure if the system was removed, or if the increased performance just caused us all to build three times as much clogging up the system worse than before. But it sure felt like it was.

^^ THIS. 1000 times this.

I do not appreciate having my structures “scouted” by the regular rendering game mechanic.

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Problem is what we are experiencing on PVE-C 1041 is worse than anything I have ever seen, it only happens once in a while and in a certain area around the lake with croc boss by noob river, when it happens no building parts for any base render at all for several minutes, and after maybe 5-6 minutes they all spawn in quickly at once.
In the time until it starts rendering you can move around the entire area and all bases look the same, only placeables are visible.

I have a feeling this is a server glitch.

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u mean the ceiling stacking glitch that was caused by people wanting to crash the servers to dupe?

I don’t know if this was separate from, related, similar or identical to the issues with fence foundations et al, though it happened earlier. Then again, as I understand it, people have been crashing servers and duping since basically day one of EA to the present day, so it’s hard to pin anything on that.

Haven’t experienced that on a regular enough basis to say it’s anything other than very (EXTREMELY) infrequent and merely random technical problems that online games and servers have. The cross foundation and ceiling tile instance being the exception. There MAY be those true hackers that can, but I credit most of it to assumptions and misinformation. I have no idea either why these performance issues have come back, but your observations and mine didn’t quite line up. Every server is a different story I suppose.

I noticed this problem well before I finally tracked down their marketing gif for that patch and posted. Been a couple months since June and it just gets worse and more and more complaints hit the forums.

Well, hence the “as I understand it” since I haven’t experienced it much, either, outside of whatever happened around the time when they implemented the faster-building-loading thing. That time the server certainly did start dying randomly, and the only fix was a restart.

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