Cache of the Third Ranger


Does anyone have a picture of the Cache of the Third Ranger set which dropped from the Saga caches? I would like to get an idea of what it looks like before I open it on a character.


if you have a ranger you can go into trader room in tarantia and see for yourself
or go to testlive

but im sure someone will post a picture ^^


This is how the ranger T3 armor looks like (or the third cache set):


is the testlive still existing? how to try that?


Great, thanks! Did not know it was the same as raid gear.


Do you have the images for the other cache sets? I’m really interested in what they look like.



I can’t find screenshots of all sets but here are some:

ToS T3

PoM T3

HoX T3

Necro T3

Barbarian T3

Assassin T3

Guard T3


This deviantart page got a lot of armor sets and items displayed on a character, not all but there are some of the most known ones,