Vanity sets preview


Does anyone have Acheronian Bloodtyrants Cache, Dune Warrior Cache or Pharaoh’s Guard cache purchased?
I want to buy one of these but I cant find how do they look like.


I can’t post any screenshots right now but I know of examples ingame: The acheronian bloodtyrant armor looks similar to the acheronian culture set (but the helmet and the chest piece looks a bit different) if you know the candle boss in Caravan Raider’s Hideout, he is wearing this armor.
The Pharaoh Guard armor is worn by the undead NPC in the scorpion caves where you pick up the key parts (as well as Constantius if I remember correctly).

EDIT: Here are screenshots from Cynara’s Blog:

Pharaoh’s Guard armor:

Acheronian Blood Tyrant armor: (just imagine the metal pieces a little darker / more grey and the blue cloth pieces in red)