Acheronian Legate - The Hunt for the Missing Set

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Acheronian Legate Primus

What we know:

  • It is a craftable light armor set
  • The recipe can be obtained via a scroll
  • Despite the name, it is not to be confused with the medium armor set Acheronian Legate from the Echoes of Acheron bundle in the bazaar.
  • It is not a part of the battlepass, nor the bazaar
  • It can be spawned in the admin panel, meaning it is not locked to any dlc or microtransaction
  • It is worn by two dead sorcerers, one in the Sinkhole and the other in the Well of Skelos.
  • It is worn, but not dropped by a boss simply named Sorcerer, who’s spawn is still unknown at this time.

It’s first appearance dates all the way back to the initial announcement of Age of Sorcery, where it can be seen alongside the Abyssal, Acheronian Legate (from the bazaar), and Theurgical Aegis sets.

It’s existence was reaffirmed today in a tweet containing the image above.

So where is it?

The scroll description mistakenly says it’s for Khari Raider, but Thag was tested by several individuals already over a hundred times and does not drop.

The aforementioned Sorcerer boss likewise was spawned via admin and killed many times, with no drop.

Being Acheronian I instinctively scoured many of the ruins on both maps, including the Unnamed City and all buildings within, as well as X’chotl. No luck there.

So I make this thread with one simple request; can we as a community find this mysterious armor set? Is it even obtainable? Is funcom punishing me for my hubris?

Any clues, leads, or even attempted dead ends are more than welcome. I believe we can find it if we try, together.


Anyone tried putting any of the new gear into a Delving Bench?

The only gear from 3.0 being delved that may yield it would be the Skelos Master Cultist robes. Definitely worth a try however, if even possible

EDIT: Master Cultist cannot be delved.


Why is that the only armor that may yield it? It would be cool to find out that you could delve the summoned abyssal armor to learn this Acheronian Legate recipe, right? :man_shrugging:

You cannot remove abyssal armor from your inventory, how would you delve it?

Yeah, so abyssal armor obviously couldn’t be delved, oh well. I’m still unsure why the Master cultist is the only delving possibility though.

I dont think the armor comes from delving. A scroll you get from delving is called a weapon/armor schematic, but this item is just called a scroll, so its gotta be found or obtained from somewhere. Also delving would limit this armor to only Siptah

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Because the two other sets added are paid items. If the only way to obtain this set would be to buy one of the others, then process it in delving, which is another paid dlc feature; that would not only spark unlimited outrage but would most definitely be stopped by a dlc lock from getting it in the admin panel.

If funcom teased it id say a future event/update

This doesn’t fit the same as a normal teaser. There is no hints, no clues, and they showed it off months ago during the reveal as if it’s just a core part of the update alongside the others.

I’ve gone over today’s tweet about it several times over and it’s worded in such a way that it definitely sounds like it’s supposed to be implemented already.

I wonder if the maps have a new hidden cave if its ingame already, maybe containing sorcerer boss and the recipe scroll nearby? I would say theres a reason where the 2 dead ones are and why the sorcerer boss would still be alive? Maybe, this has got me curious though

That is definitely a possibility, one that definitely requires more exploration. I haven’t seen any new locations beyond the Grottoes

In the other description of the other legate armor it says theyre followers of Xaltotun, and one of his affiliates is his sister the witch queen, Perhaps jungle area? Im sitting in a room waiting and have nothing better to do than assist i just cant check anything

Not the same witch queen, one is the witch queen of Lemuria, and the other is the witch queen of Acheron. Similar title, different people.

Acheron was only founded after the destruction of the giant kings, so realistically I can’t think of anywhere on the main map it would naturally occur unless brought in by something else.

Ive been trying to find a similar spot on the map, to make a triangle from the 2 corpses, not having luck with that, but i could be missing something as ive been 99% on siptah since it release, but for all we know it may be more than 3 of them total

There is only the two corpses. Of this, I am certain.

Aw man. Been putting together an armor set for my thralls (using Admin panel to test out pieces) and finally settled on this helm. Only to realize it’s currently MIA. Oh well!

Hope is reinvigorated though; not only was there that tweet, but another today for the Playstation update came alongside a picture of the armor once more.

I feel like it’s not unimplemented, it’s just a scavenger hunt they want us to figure out

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Very cool, if so. Something to do, in fact! Reminds me of hunting for the Ashbringer in vanilla WoW (it didn’t exist at the time as it turned out but the ‘quest’ was still fun).

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