Acheronian Legate Primus armor

maybe someone here has found the answer.

How do we find / get, and learn the Acheronian legate primus recipe?

there is a scroll that teaches the armor set but i cannot find anything about it online. and i havent come across it in game. (you can see and spawn the scroll using admin mode. as well as the armor itself)

NOT the Acheronian legate armor from the bazaar, and no its not in the battlepass, the Theurgical Aegis is in the battlepass. the legate primus armor can be spawned in admin mode, and does have a recipe. so it must be in the game and not purchased? as everything else you have to purchase will not spawn in admin mode.

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Just because it’s possible to spawn it using the admin panel doesn’t mean that it’s implemented in the game yet, and it may never be. :man_shrugging:

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i suppose thats possible, but i find it unlikely.

Theres a whole thread on this, noone we know of has found it yet, my original speculation is its for a future update, though as jimbo pointed out it has been teased by funcom since launch so it should be somewhere right?

Also: theres 2 legate primus armors one from the store, one from regular gameplay?

Yes the one in the bazaar is called acheronian legate

The one with a scroll is called acheronian legate primus.

2 different sets

I’m hoping if nothing else, it’s in the same pool of recipes you get from combining schematics and or doing the vaults and pools on siptah.

Maybe it’s a future planned bazaar item?

Unlikely, since it can be admin-spawned.

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