Serpent-man recipes

Where can I find it? Ty

Anyone find? I’m curious too~

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After you killed the boss serpent man in the volcano, did you read the lore stone to the right of the statue? If you did, you should have learned the recipes.

You get the obsidian recipes in the volcano, not the serpant man ones.

That’s right, those recipes behind the boss serpent in the volcano is obsidian recipes, serpent recipes I still didn’t find it :confused:

Dregs has the reptile armor if thats what you mean.

I assume they’re looking for things like the Skelos Cultist armor. I’m curious as well, because I gave it to myself in SP and it’s awesome looking, but I can’t seem to find any way to get it properly. Not sure if it’s a recipe, or if you have to find an armorer for it.

I’m looking for serpent man weapons, swords, etc.

Thanks, I’ll keep looking for it too!

My buddy and I are running into the same thing. We’ve spent two nights just searching the volcano for them with no luck. I will post here if we find them.

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Somebody found the recipes for the serpentman weapons:

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Thank you very much! Subscribed, great channel!

thanks for info!

also that second belt…I imagine its a mod that I cant use on official servers, right? Cause I would love to have it :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not in the xbox version. Anyone know if the recipe is somewhere else or glitched?

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