Skelos Cultist Armour

Hello again Barbarians, I was wondering how does one make the Skelos Cultist armour? I could not find any information on the web on how to create or obtain this armour set.

My current guess after seeing it in admin menu is it will be something made from NPCs either in the volcano or the swamp. Probably the swamp as all those Angkor-styled ruins seems a likely place to find cultists.

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Ooh, that will be something to wait for coming May. I remember seeing the Skelos set under Admin but had no idea if it was available in game or not. We shall see :slight_smile:

I know what you mean, I feel like a little kid again the closer it gets to May. I want to make TREE FORTS.

In Volcano area there is a group of Skelos cultists, recipe probably will be somewhere near.

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Makes sense. I’m guessing the Lemurian stuff will be in the swamp, then.

Correct. If you listen to the Architect, he talks about the Lemurian Queen in the Eastern Swamp.

Serpent-Man Weapons probably will be in New Dungeon in Swamp area! ~Neigh!
Beacuse Obsidian Weapons in the Volcano.

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Not sure about that. Swungle is full of apes. I did remember seeing some serpent-men in the Volcano area though, admining around on my private game.