Skelos Cultist Equipment

Hello everyone, It is my first time posting on these forums and I’m hoping someone can help answer a question . I’ve searched everywhere it seems for an answer to if the skelos cultist outfit had been removed/ never implemented with little luck. The only results Ive found are they use to be (still are?) in a tameable cultists thralls inventory upon breaking them. I play on an official pve server (ps4) and would really love to obtain this item if possible (even if it is a future dlc. :wink: )

I hope when the next patch adds the Votaries Armorer spawns to the volcano those will be craftable with a T3 or T4 Armorer captured there.

But so far this is not confirmed. Maybe anyone knows and has tried this on Testlive?

But as far as I know they are currently not obtainable in game.

It is still in the game. Yakira Priestess of Derketo wears it oddly enough.
Unfortunately no thrall that makes it spawns yet. Could be something to do with 1 of 4 dungeons yet to come.

Interesting, It really would be great if they added a craftable version either with future dungeons or armorers. Either would be a nice addition as its a very appealing set.

From the look of it it appears to be relevant to sorcery.
Whether we get that or not… Who knows.

Oh man, sorcery would absolutely solidify my addiction to this game. Im playing on ps4 pro , have TONS of invisible enemies , rendering issues and etc but I still cant stop playing!! With that said I’ve already begun setting up a black lotus garden for sorcery if it does make its way to the game.

I am pretty sure I read recently (or maybe was the dev stream), that sorcery is no longer being looked into. So its not for consideration at this time.

On the current testlive those drop from Volcano Thralls when killed.
I killed all the cultists at Vathis and nearly got the full set.

The Volcano armorer however cannot make them.
Is this intentional?


Hey @Gnadolin

Currently, the only way to get this set is by looting it and it is intended that it cannot be crafted by any armorer. In the future, there’s plans for it regarding the Unnamed City. And that’s as much as we’re allowed to share about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright thx

It just seemed odd to me that the faction Armorer cannot craft his own clothing.

But I’m fine with this one being special!

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Has it anything to do with Power Stones? JustHorse made a new clip on YouTube… You can get some random recipes for Power Stones he said.

Thank you guys for clearing that up, Ive tried breaking devotees for the armor but never just simply slaying them lol . I’m glad to see there is possible plans to do more with it later as it is a very fitting set for followers of evil deities.

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