WHERE is the Siesse BlackTongue ARMORER for CRAFTING FLAWLESS Reptilian armor

content as Titile and the armor receipe is in the level20+ dungeon

Currently unavailable as per the Wiki (haven’t seen her myself either despite near daily Volcano genocides, though that’s hardly conclusive).

i think this armor is lame and it bonus +3 vatility, +2 grit

Probably still the same, doesn’t have an actual Spawnpoint, but technically the home for Siesse is at the Volcano You can admin Siesse in if you wanted/had admin rights. There are a couple mods that add Siesses in as well. I’ll do a Thrall report after I have time to do a full data table analysis to see what’s there, what if anything is broken, what isn’t being used, etc.

Tank u for doing that.and what do u think it only bonus 3 vitality and 2 grit ? i think no one will wear it for pvp or farming. it should be improved.

Not everything is pvp… you know.

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